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Bring the beauty of wood into your home

Wood has an inherent warmth that other materials simply don’t possess. Wood brings functional beauty into our lives, and when we develop our furniture and interior spaces with thoughtful, custom woodworking, we create a place that is more than just a shelter from the elements — we create a home. At Jordan Woodworking, we create beautiful homes and offices in Colorado with a genuine passion for wood and the people who use and live with it. From design to installation and finishing, we craft each piece with a level of creativity, precision, and attention to detail that seeks to define excellence. We build with one purpose: to combine the most excellent service with craftsmanship that integrates beauty, function and durability.

Jordan Woodworking’s Custom Woodworking Services

We work with architects, designers and esthetically-minded homeowners in the Denver metro area to design, install and finish custom woodwork that lasts a lifetime. Some of the pieces we create include:

  • Ceiling Woodwork
    • Coffered ceilings
    • Crown molding
    • Case and Base
  • Trim install around windows, doors and floors
    • Doors
    • Windows
    • Installations
  • Custom Furniture
    • Chairs
    • Tables

Why wood?

We approach our craft with the intention that it will last for generations. Our reward is a tangible beauty that we appreciate and share with our friends and families. We carry a philosophy that we can only truly possess those things that we can freely share. It’s our great joy and passion to share our love of this natural, once living material with you. This wood that we admire has a second life at your service.  When cared for and cherished, wood furnishings and architectural features last long after we’re gone and can represent our mindfulness of true value. We want the woodwork we create together to outlive both you and Jordan Woodworking. This requires us not only to do it right, but to do it well.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Not only do we guarantee your satisfaction, we will create custom woodwork with a level of quality that exceeds your expectations. Creating custom woodwork is a process and a relationship, and we take great pride in developing strong communication with our clients to deliver exactly what they want.




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